CGI Portfolio

Sustainable Investment Opportunities

  • We are reliable and trustworthy. Our word is our bond.
  • Our financial system is well structured and balanced.
  • We are constantly generating financial opportunities and profitability is our only Goal
  • Our Reserve fund with over One Hundred Million Naira.
  • Our global partnership base

Investment Plans

We Manage your funds through low-level investments in insurance, stocks, emerging markets.

Join us today, invest, earn, and withdraw from anywhere!

International Office: Alaysa Daire Ofs 4, Opp Koruk, Salamis Road, Famagusta
Lagos Office: HFP Eastline Shopping complex, Abraham Adesanya, Lekki, block A3, Office 475.
Phone: +90 533 886 55 35, +234 808 876 19 97
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